Mouseover and sprtesheet animation

I have an animation that I did in after effects, it is a small logo in a corner of my website.

Embed it as sprite sheet. At the beginning of the timeline, logo makes a small movement (scale-up) and then I want it to stay static, but when the mouse passes over, I want the logo makes a rotate movement.

I have 2 animations separately, (Scale in and rotate), even made a version with both movements in one file to use it setting the began time for the mouse over but don’t work

I have tried in different ways but I have not succeeded.

Please help me!

Hi Santiago - Welcome to the Forum!

A “best practice” on this Forum is to include your Hype project in your post so other Forum members can get a good look at what You are creating - as words alone usually do not tell the whole story.

If You are working on a project that must remain confidential - then posting a project with a similar example of the issue would be fine.

To add your Hype project to your post: simply compress it (i.e. a “.sit” archive) and drag it into your post from your project folder.

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