Mouseover and Mouseout doesnt work on iPhone

Hi there,

Im loving the app and its making my job in advertising a dream. One problem though:

Ive created a timeline which has a small text box which move up and down, and is controlled by mouseover and mouseout Action. Within the text box is scrollable text.
This works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox and Opera. In Safari, the Mouseover and mouseout also works but the text box isnt scrollable.
In iPhone and iPad view, the Mousover and Mouseout doesnt work. occasionally the Mouseover works and the text is scrollable but the mouseout doesnt, which is a problem. Is there a fix for this?

My java skills are very limited by the way.

First thing, Java and Javascript are completely different languages

Secondly, you cannot “mouseover” on a mobile device as such because you’re using your fingers so it’s not a bug and there doesn’t need to be a “fix”

Thirdly, if you share you doc we can see what you’re doing and offer guidance.

Hi Bear, Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply it was a bug. :blush:
Heres my file. Its the white box named disclosure in the “disclaimer” timeline. (54.5 KB)

Thanks for your help.

ok. A couple of things. You have a “pause timeline” at the beginning and end of the Disclaimer timeline. Theses are not needed. They make the user have to Mouseover twice to get it going.

You can also have a Mouse Click action as well as the Mouse Over and Mouse Out actions. That way you can still have Mouse over / out effect for computers and have click (touch) effect for mobiles.

I have adjusted your document with the necessary code for the toggle, on Mouse Click. (86.7 KB)

DBear, you’re a genius! Thanks for this. Works perfectly!