Mousemove Tilt Effect - with Hype tools or with JavaScript

Hello there,

i want to ad a “Mousemove Tilt Effect” to my gallery carousell.

I found several post and projects with animations controlled with mousemove.

Outgoing from this I have build one controlling timelines with the mouse move script when
you hover the image.


This works quit good, but it immediately snaps on mouse over to the final tilt position.
I can’t find any solution to get a smooth easing animation with the Hype tools when the mouse enters the element.

I am looking for a smooth effect by mouse over and mouse out
Something like this:

The “TILT.JS” looks really nice. So I have tried to go that way, but I can’t figure out how to implement it into my hype document. My coding skills are too bad.

How to trigger the script with an element ID or class inside Hype?

I spent several days with that – so maybe one of the JavaScript specialists out there can help?

Any help appreciated.

My first instinct would be to make use of Relative Timelines, as this could allow for smoother returns. But I think you’d still wind up in situations where there’d be some snapping depending on if you were trying to run one of those while going back to controlling the axis timelines. You might be able to split up the axis timelines and have smarter code about what section to run and when, but this would probably require so much code that it would just be better to avoid constraining yourself to Hype for this particular part of the site and instead animate via the code examples.

Others might have more clever ideas here though, it does seem to be a challenge to get that exact behavior using timelines :slight_smile:.

Finally I got the TILT.js working in HYPE.

Here is the HYPE document file: (259.7 KB)

Hope it is helpful for someone out there in the Forum…


Nice! It doesn’t do the quick state transition when immediately mousing over, but I think works pretty well even without that.