Mouse scrolling Timeline parallax



Hello everyone,
I’m trying to use the tutorial of SurveyLegend
link tutorial Hype

I would know if is possible to change timeline mouse scrolling from up/down to left/right for have a orizontal navigation bar.

Thanks so much.



That technique makes use of the Wheel function:

Wherever you see wheelDeltaY in the the example code, you can change that to wheelDeltaX and the horizontal scroll will be detected.


Thanks so much!

(Jonathan Luna) #4

Hey @Daniel i know this subject has been beating with a stick at this point and i noticed there are many ways to pull of a parallax fx. my question is more of a suggestion of what would be the best approach to get clean results. I have a project I’m building with 4 one second video clips that need to take up the full screen with text layers overlapping… the big issue I’m having is that all 4 videos download at once and become impossible to view on first load… is there a way to make it scroll and have that also start the video. it seems much easier to do with audio


Scrolling a video is not something that will give you good performance – not to mention having four videos loading at once. Let’s move this discussion to here: Please Help Project Project WAY PASS DUE!