Mouse Scroll as well as mobile gesture on large image?

(Steve) #1

Similar to this post (Mouse Event control and responsive)
I have a large image that I’m trying to be able to mouse and finger gesture to pan.

What are the best practices and methods to achieve this goal? I have the latest version of Hype Pro.

If trying to work on Mobile and Desktop computer environments creates a conflict, I would give up computer and just focus on mobile. Any tutorials or examples someone could direct me to? (816.9 KB)

(Steve) #2

In retrospect mobile devices have pinch zoom and gesture panning by default. So I’ll change the plan to forgo the fancy auto scroll…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

I’d agree that it is probably better to not have it auto-scroll and make it an explicit user action.

While pinch-to-zoom is a mobile gesture (and might best work on the document as a whole), the general way to make a scrollable area would be to put a large element within a group, and adjust the group bounds to be smaller. Then you can set the Content Overflow setting in the Metrics Inspector for the container group to Scrollbars or Auto Scrollbars.