Mouse over no longer seen as a user interaction to play sound in Safari?

As the title says, mouse down gets sound going but mouse over no longer does?

I tested this with Firefox, Chrome and it still works in those browsers, luckily most people don’t use safari but if the others take this over it’s really going to mess the interactive feeling up. I can’t possibly see changing all sounds into forced mouse down/tap events to play a sound.

Is it just me and if not is there a way around this?:woozy_face:

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It is likely part of this…

You could have an icon + text button that is linked to play sound and the user to only ever clicks once.

This should I think then let any other sounds play via mouse over.



Mark, thank you for chiming in. :grinning:

Ah I see, I put one sound on a button then after that I can do mouse over sounds again.

Ugh, Bah, stupid Apple.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Stay out of my work. grumblegrumble.

Sigh… Mark’s solution doesn’t work if you load a new HTML page into an iframe with Hype content as that’s seen as a new document with a new auto play sound off rule. Even if it loads in a document where you have the user previously play a sound.

Only thing that works is to guide people to Safari’s preference panel and allow all auto-play for the website it’s required.

That’s kinda stretch…:frowning_face: