Mouse-over images aren't displaying - Hype or other?

Hello… Seeking a little help. I’m working on a web comic and and I’ve set up some mouse-over animated gifs on some of the panels or parts of an image. The animations were created in photoshop. I used the textured button feature and the gif animations were loaded under the hover part. The two larger mouse-over animations on most browsers I’ve tested run the first time okay, but then on the second pass, the animation jumps to the end and the whole animation is not shown The two other mouse-overs, tv set on pg 1 and panel 4, pg 2, are smaller and work fine every time I test them. The small ones work, the large ones don’t.

Question? Is there something in hype to control this or is this a function of how browsers deal with a gif animation? Or maybe it’s my animation? Idk…

Any advice will be greatly appreciated


Nice project!

It seems we've chatted before... Mouseover change images

The animations are not appearing consistently. I probably wouldn't use GIFs for the animations. I'd make them in Hype. Sure, it's more work. It's tedious. It might make the project larger. Yet, there's greater control and consistency.

Also, if you're not too far along in your project, it might be a good idea to consider creating your artwork in SVG format. That could dramatically reduce the size of your project, while making your artwork infinitely scalable. Vector graphics are sharp!

If you're going to release this project to multiple platforms, your project's size and ratio might be tough for mobile devices. It looks almost square. That's going to be tough to fit onto a 16:9 iPhone.

Thanks Michael. Yes, we have chatted, actually not too long ago. Hmm, yeah, perhaps I should make the animations in hype. I was just hoping there was another way.

Not sure about SGV format. I kinda like the cartoony hand sketch look. Thanks for the tips though.

Still early in the process and am considering whether or not i should abandon the comic panel style pages ans change to a one panel at a time, flip book style. It may make things easier for all formats.

Appreciate your advice…


I made a comic book app about 4 years ago.

It was setup as a traditional comic page, but the "camera" would pan/scale to the next panel with each swipe.

Wow, that’s pretty cool. Nice job!