Mouse Hover GIF Code doesn´t work

I try to get an image or a GIF to appear when I move the mouse over a field, the code should actually work, I also got it from the forum and with the example link it works too, but if I insert my links, it works Not. I've tried several types of links. Is there a rule which kind links work? = "url(''), auto";

i also tried these links:

If you have an idea how I can solve the problem, I would be happy :slight_smile:

Do note that giphy goes through great lengths to hide the actual image files, and calls like the above need to be real .gif files. This URL is actually to a HTML page, so it will not work.

Also, this code is specifically setting the mouse cursor, but it sounds like what you want is for some other element to change or start animating when you mouse over something?

Maybe you can post the current state of your project (please .zip the .hype document) and I can have a better idea of the effect you are trying to achieve.