Motion Paths - Clicking on Different Points in Path

Hi All,

I’ve not yet purchased Hype, so this is kind of a pre-sale question.

I want to be able to have a background image that has a multiple footpaths, to show a journey that a student might take through school. I want an image of a student to move along this footpath by clicking on various points along the way (at which point the student will stop and some information will be displayed. See the image I’ve uploaded. So, essentially, the footpath needs to have multiple points, or hotspots, that when clicked on, will move the student image, along the path, to that click hotspot.

Is this possible with Hype?

Thanks in advance

something like this? (459.8 KB)

It is easy to stop and go where you want with the hype timelines.

Yes it’s possible. I believe what Djon may have shown you is a motion path in action. You could also use relative timelines to take the “student image” on a path chosen from the click. So, you could have several “hotspots” and depending on what is clicked the animation could take another direction too. This is a bit more complicated and may take a bit more time to implement but it’s not impossible. Your “hotspots” would be pauses in a timeline using timeline actions.

Probably an exported HTML example would be better as they have not purchased Hype as of yet.

yep, that is a bit clumsy of me. :sleeping: (466.6 KB)

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Thanks for this. I’ve just bought hype, so the hype project is great. In terms of relative timelines, do you have a working example I might be able to look at?

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