Motion Paths and groups

I have 2 objects that need to move in unison, so I grouped them then applied a motion path to the group. Normally, with a motion path, you can click on the path and change the vectors, but a motion path applied to a group doesn't seem to allow that. Am I missing something?

I worked around it by adding 2 motion paths to the individual objects in the group (moved one, then copied path for the other), but being able to do the group would have been cleaner (IMHO) (12.4 KB)

works in my example so it might be sthg special in your setup ... you may provide ...

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Thanks for your reply. You are correct, the motion path does show up, it was just hidden by other "clutter" in the scene and it was in a location I didn't anticipate. One thing I forgot to mention (which happens when one is still working at midnight), the two objects do not start near each other, and one of the objects moves until it overlaps the second object. Then the pair move as one to a new location. It seems that the group motion path is based on the center of the group box, not over the overlapping objects as I expected. Now that I know what to look for, finding the path should be easier next time. I've attached an example in case someone else runs into this motion (58.9 KB)