Motion path delay


I can’t figure this out and I apologise in advance that I may struggle to describe my problem coherently. I want to start a motion path of an element on a second button click which occurs at some time after a first button is clicked. The time interval between the two buttons clicks will determine how far the element gets along the motion path. The bigger the time interval the shorter the path taken by the element. The problem I have is that I need an ease out timing function and I want the time delay to lose the earlier part of the timing function rather than the latter (if that makes sense?)

I’m sure there is a simple solution but I cannot figure it out. If anyone can understand what I mean and help I would be hugely grateful.


Have a look at this thread. In there we discuss animating a symbol containing an animation (could also be motion path driven) t a certain extent like 50 percent and still using an easing function. There are two approaches (one driven by data-set defined easing function and the other with a timeline driven easing function) in there already and even more generic update is in the works.

Approach: data-set driven easing function

Approach: timeline driven easing function


Thank you for this. Hugely grateful- it’s going to take me a while to get my head around it.