Motion blur cheat

Here’s a way to create an enhanced sense of motion on the cheap: a classic spinning newspaper animation using only two images. The first image - a miniature news paper - is used for the static first and last frames. Take the same image in Photoshop and create a circular blur and output it. Align them in Hype and animate them so that they grow to a desired size and stop. Set them to spin a couple of revolutions simultaneously. Set the animation so that the blurred version only appears at the second frame until the next-to-last frame. Do the opposite with the non-blurred version. Group the two and apply actions to the group.

In the attached version, the animation is triggered by a mouse-over. A mouse-out causes the non-blurred version to return to the original size and angle without a full spin. Add a click to the group to trigger the jump to a link. (155.9 KB)


There was a little animation problem when you changed from the motion-blurred image to the regular one, I fixed it here just for future reference . (37.4 KB)