Most efficient way to organize scenes

I am new to Hype. I want to find the best way to arrange my scenes for the most efficiency and optimal loading size.

In my project, I want to create three different “pages” for each of the target audiences. See the navigation schematic I have provided - jbnav.jpg.

From the same project/app, I want to have three navigation buttons (top right icons of example Image 1) that will go to the individual target market “pages”.

Each “page” will have its own unique button (round green buttons) pop up animations when clicked (see Image 2). These windows will close when the close button is clicked (go to time line of scene where it came from)

From what I understand, I will have to create a scene for every one these animations. Each of the three pages will have about 7 of these unique animations. Therefore, the project will have a total of about 21 scenes.

Is this the only way to create this piece, or is there a more efficient way to organize this?

I am concerned that this will be a huge file that will take forever to download. Of course I will try to minimize file import sizes and use as much html shapes as possible.

Can I divide the three pages into separate (Hype) projects and have them occupy the same space on the html page? Each loads when the button is clicked. Not sure If I need Javascript to do this. Seems like it.

Is it possible to have these pop up window as “sub-scenes” to a scene of the target market page scene? Perhaps scene is not the correct nomenclature.

I would think this is a common set up for interactive applications.

I’m seeing if there is a more efficient way of doing this than the way I am doing this.

Thanks for your help!

If the animations are the same and only differer in minimal aspects like text … you can make symbols from them and reuse them as instances. Also the popups can all be in one scene and be shown on individual timelines.


Here is an example with custom behavior… you can also do it with script and it’s not the only way todo it… hope this helps to understand. (107,8 KB)


Thanks Max! They will all be different. But don’t all time lines share images (they are visible) even though they are on the same timeline?

I will see if i can use your time line method. Thanks for your help!

I’m checking this out now. You’re DA BEST! Thanks!

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