Morph malfunction

I have two letter A’s that I drew using the pencil tool-- one normal and one fat-- as separate vector shapes. I select the fat A and double click to get the vector path and copy it. I click done in the vector window. I select the normal A and double click to get the vector path. I move the time line up one second. I hit record with normal A selected: the selection color turns red. I paste the copied fat A path and an empty text box appears.

What am I doing wrong?

Seems like the order you’re doing is correct. Could you do a screencast?

I think I may have fixed it. I have a global plugin called popclip installed and it was showing up whenever I made a selection in Hype. It was annoying but I like the plug in. It was too much though when I did the sceencast so I disabled it for Hype and viola, morphing now works. It was either popclip interferring or the fact that I was recording the error, but now it’s fixed. Let that be a lesson to all the young children out there.

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Careful with your input-capturing plugins, folks!

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