More controls for gravity/accelerometer

Hi all, I really love Hype and I’m trying to pull out of it all its power! :slight_smile:

I would like to have more control on the gravity/accelerometer:

  • enable/disable device device tilt it in runtime (to make a mobile device control it, but only when the user push a button, but having the gravity affects a desktop computer all the time for example)
  • change the gravity direction in runtime (to simulate rain angle changes for example)
  • change the gravity amount in runtime (to simulate different planets gravity for example, without switching symbols)
  • get accelerometer values through Hype (since a way to get them is already implemented)

What is possible to do right now, even with some hacks? :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback! There's been a lot of interest in controlling the scene/gravity properties. You can check out this lengthy and earlier thread:

I don't think there's really much that can be done from that list right now without excessive and unsupported hacking (of which that thread talks about some of @Photics attempts).

Thank you! :slight_smile: Hope that Hype will go in this direction and add more and more APIs! :slight_smile: