Monotype Problems

I have a subscription, it reads in Hype 3, I’ve added the fonts to the Tumult webproject but no matter what it does not connect when I try to export. Where can I get help sorting the issue?

You can use Help>Report an issue… in the menu bar which will send a report to the Team who can look at the document to see what is happening there.

If you can give more detail here then someone might be able to help you. Think about things like:

  1. Did you add the font using Hype’s “Add More Fonts…” button?
  2. If you did… did you get a screen like this when you exported?

Also, you can search these forums with the keyword “Monotype” and see if anyone else has had a similar problem.

Reporting an issue about this and attaching the .hype document as @DBear mentions would be great. We have accounts and can try to reproduce. Depending on the issue though it might be something for Monotype support to handle.