Modeling 3d glTF

Me gustaria saber que si puede añadir el formato 3d con el formato glTF que esta disponible con hmtl5 como OpenGl.

habeis probado este formato?. Un cordial saludo

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There are no built-in methods in Hype that allow embedding that format, but you could use this JavaScript library to display the format:
This page has a working example:

There are a few other ways to embed the GLTF format:

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I second Casimiro’s request. Built-in embedding of glTF would be awesome! glTF is going to be the .gif or .jpg equivalent of ubiquitous web 3d and will be extremely useful.

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You might also want to look at the .usdz format which as I understand it is natively supported in iOS 12/macOS 10.14 (though have not personally tried yet):

…although, neither is usdz…

What would Hype need to do to enter this space? Hype is basically a 2D animation application. Is it realistic to expect Hype to enter the 3D space? If so, what is it not doing? You just want to place a 3D object like a JPEG or MP4? Is that all? Is that enough?

I liked how the GLTF page suggests that this file format could lead to the next big website, like JPEG for Facebook or MP4 for YouTube. I’ve been looking to do the next big thing, so that’s interesting to me, but I’m not sure how a 3D file format would be as successful. YouTube and Facebook gave a new way for billions of people to communicate. MP3 helped change the way music is commonly played. But with GLTF, I’m not sure what to do with it. Maybe it’s related to augmented reality or virtual reality, but ehhhh… lately I’ve been feeling like I want less computers in my life, not more. HA HA. :smile:

The value of interactive 3d should be self explanatory. View and interact with a 3d model of a heart…explode and explain components of a product…show a floorplan of a proposed space.

For examples go search for ‘interactive’ at

The 3d content would be created in 3d authoring programs, not in Hype.

Microsoft PowerPoint now supports drag and drop 3d. Hype should too.

IceMan. muchas gracias de tu sugerencia. Es verdad que nosotros necesitamos este tipo. Como Ibooks Author ya existe importar un modelado 3d y luego en Ipad puede verla. Me gustaría que tumulth hype puede hacerlo propio sin importar de otras compaña como Sketchfab.