Mockups Simulator

(Freelancer) #1

HI guys, I would share another template.

I made a simple Mockups simulator with the view of three sides, useful for prototyping.


Template content: Hype elements

Options: Change color, perspective distortion and graphics.

Actions: Click

Elements: Hype Timelines for perspective + Custom Behavior for Color and Graphics + nested symbols

Note: The group’s position is related to the perspective deformation. The is a trick to control the perspective for each box

hope you like it!
Available anso in HypeDocks


(Rob) #2

This is great work! Thanks for the share :slight_smile:



(Ken Heins) #4

!!! One of those things that I knew was theoretically possible to produce but I could never wrap my head around enough to do it!

Thanks, Michelangelo!

(Freelancer) #5

thank you all, I’m glad you liked it!

@TKDblackbelt thanks, you can make the same with any 2d Vector software, have a look, I made the same thing with Affinity Designer.
In hype you can animate it !

(Ken Heins) #6

Thanks, I have Infinity Photo but not Designer. Have not done any vector graphics since my screen printing days, but I can see reasons to do some now.