Mobile Chrome on Android not showing Chatango in widget or iframe

I have a chatango in a widget. This works in all desktop and Mobile browsers I have managed to test on but not on Mobile Chrome.

The widget innerHTML hold similar to this

<script id="cid0020000188530794613" data-cfasync="false" async src="//" style="width: 100%;height: 100%;">{"handle":"hypemantest","arch":"js","styles":{"a":"6600cc","b":100,"c":"FFFFFF","d":"FFFFFF","k":"6600cc","l":"6600cc","m":"6600cc","n":"FFFFFF","p":"10","q":"6600cc","r":100,"ab":false,"surl":0,"allowpm":0}}</script>

I do not have any Android devices so cannot see if there are any error coming up in a console debug.

Can any load this page and see if there is anything in the logs or does anyone else have an idea about this.

The widget should show up in the page like this.

if it is not showing you probably will see this.

It seems to work fine on my Android. I sent a message!

Worked for me too on Android (v7) - did not send a message.

@DBear, @JimScott Thanks Guys.
My bro has a android tablet and phone. With Chrome 66. Did not think to ask his OS. version.
Will check with him and see what it is.

Turns out his tablet is on version 4x. So that expalins that …

The Phone is v7. And somehow this morning he can see the chat box on his phone. I have not changed anything and was on 2hr call to him trying different things to get it to work on his phone and Tablet.


Thanks for helping


News just in, he has just texted and says he forgot he needed to test in Mobile Chrome and not the default browser. what ever that is. And it still does not show in his Mobile Chrome browser.

So I am at a loss as what is going on and if there will be others or cannot see the chat box.!!??

@DBear , @JimScott

Sorry to ask bu just want to double check you were in Chrome when you checked…?

Actually I should have made that clear - Yes - Android~Chrome v55.

Thanks Mate.

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@MarkHunte Chrome v66 Android

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Thanks mate,

I am hoping it is just his kit that is the problem

I guess it's time for me to upgrade!