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Hello all,
Just want to share one of my work using Hype. This one is a mobile brochure for a real estate brand, completely build using Hype:


enjoy :slight_smile:


This is really nice! I have a need for a similar project. Would you mind sharing your hype files so I can see how you set this up?



This is really beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. Btw are you located in Indonesia?

here is the link to the hype file:
Hope it helps with your project :wink:


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: Yes i live in Indonesia.

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Bagus! Apa kabar mas bro?! :grinning: I loved living in your archipelago nation – truly a great place. It was for work but I’d live there despite that… terlalu banyak Cantikk! jakarta masalah macet. :weary: maaf, saya sdikit brbicara bahasa indonesia.

baik bro! your Indonesian is quite awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… it looks great!
I didn’t know you could build a complete app with hype.
Can you please send a link on how to start with building an app using hype? :slight_smile:

Hi there,
The process is not so complicated, yet it will vary depending on what kind of app you want to create.
In general, after creating your project in hype, you will need to wrap it as hybrid app package using phonegap build, then publish to the appstore.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll look it up to learn more :grinning:

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Nicely done :smiley:

Thanks! :pray:t2:

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