Missing something

I’ve got an issue with maintaining relative position within a parent. Project: map that scales via an onscreen slider. It contains a number of overlays and reveal buttons, with the overlays matching the scaling of the map. All of this works perfectly. The issue is with a reveal layer containing elements that indicate positions on the map.
The group contains subgroups of callouts indicating locations on the map – groups containing text and a red circle with the origin set to the centers of the circle. The parent object is set to scale with the map and works as expected. The callouts are pinned to all four directions; set to relative positions within the parent, so they should retain their relative positions when the parent is scaled. But they don’t. Instead, they maintain their relative position within the parent at 0/0.

Here’s the file. For this version I’ve stripped out all but the background map for reasons of file size.

RailRoadMapInteractiveY.hype.zip (1.0 MB)

Here’s how I would approach this – I was in screencast mode so made a video :slight_smile:

RailRoadMapInteractiveY.hype.zip (1.3 MB)

Thanks for your help. One thing I’m trying to avoid is scaling the callouts. The purpose of the map when it is finished will be to zoom in on vendor locations in order to view railway pickup locations and feeder routes in detail. Because of this I’m trying to keep the callouts from scaling up and obscuring map content.

I would have thought that setting them to relative locations within a parent would have done the job. I’m not sure why this doesn’t work. I also tried faking it by setting the positions via keyframes but they ended up jumping around.