Missing primary asset check error

Google HTML5 Validator is throwing this error. Has anyone solved this issue? Thanks in advance.

Missing primary asset check

Your HTML5 ad is missing a primary .HTML file.

  1. Primary .HTML files' are either the only .HTML file in the bundle.
  2. Or they have an ad.orientation tag such as or or .

More details:


Hmm... If you open the export .zip file, can you confirm that there is a primary .html file there? Are there other ones?

Is it possible for you to post a zip of your .hype document, your export .zip file being uploaded, and also how you are making the export (like via export script or if you have any manual steps)?

I managed to fix the issue. I had to make extensive edits to the primary .html file. See attached.
Archive.zip (2.5 KB)

Thanks for sending that our way.

It looks like from your changes you might have been using the DoubleClick Studio export script instead of the DoubleClick DCM one? I see you commented out the enabler. However even when I try with the DoubleClick Studio script I get a different error.

So, I'd still be curious to investigate the original error though. If you have a sec, could you provide this info:

  • If you were using a specific export script?
  • Which google validator you are using (specifically the URL so we can try)?
  • If you can send a zip of your .hype document and the failing .zip of the ad


I did not use an export script. I use the standard version. File > Export as HTML5 > folder

Validator link - HTML5 Validator

Files attached. Thx!
Archive.zip (191.6 KB)

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It definitely is the case that a default export will not pass ad validation without changes. I'd definitely recommend using an export script if you can. These will properly format everything in the ad zip to pass.

(Your current one probably won't because it will still include manually added stuff like the enabler script. The DoubleClick Studio export script will include this in places where you need it, so you could use different export scripts depending on where you need to use it).

FYI - I have to go in and fix this quote constantly.

Where are you copying that smart quote from? It looks like the quotes we have have are correct.

I didn't copy the quote. That's what was exported by Hype.

Looking at the Archive.zip you sent, this is from your code (i.e., not from hype's export/an export script).

You'll want to click on Edit Head HTML… in the Document Inspector and change this.