Missing Icon Image


Is there a simple way to get all my Hype Icons to show a preview image? Not a big deal but I've always wondered why my first project showed a preview and all others did not. I figured it was related to the version I created it in. Thanks!
Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 8.48.55 AM

Probably not :sweat_smile:. Apple's tools for testing, debugging, and identifying the causes of problems are extremely lacking and buggy in their own right, so it has been hard to keep this feature working. I think the best you can try would be:

  • Make sure you only have one version of Hype on your computer, stored in the /Applications/ folder. Everything else should be deleted (trashed and emptied).
  • Run these commands in the Terminal.app:
    qlmanage -r
    qlmanage -r cache
  • Restart your computer

Even then, I can't guarantee it will work :slight_smile:. I know there are some specific bugs in Hype as well or conditions where it may not be able to generate previews. I've already fixed some of them for the next major release of Hype.

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