Missing fonts (Macbook air only)

On all the devices and computers we have tested the site, only the MacBook air displays this behavior: It wont load the included fonts.

The fonts were loaded using the “upload” functions under Monotype Fonts in Hype, but yet I don’t understand why the Macbook Air, in both, Safari and Chrome, doesn’t load these fonts.

Do you have any ad blockers enabled? You can also check the developer console to see if there are any errors. Even ad blockers sometimes leave a trail regarding what they are blocking – sometimes they block connections to font servers.

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Wow, that was it! disabling the adblock fixed it. Now, is there a way to go around this? Im afraid adblockers are too popular nowadays.

You could set a fallback font to another font so that at least your font doesn't look terrible if the person exercises their inalienable rights. Most ad blockers don't go as far as blocking Google Fonts.

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Sounds like a plan, thanks for your time on this.