Missing a zoom tool

Someone else probably already requested this but I really miss a Zoom tool while editing. Like Photoshops Zoom tool where you can alt click to zoom out and click to zoom in on your document. It could also work as Sketch’s ‘Hold Z down to Zoom’ and ‘Hold Alt+Z down to Zoom out’.

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Like Photoshop, if you hold down the spacebar, and then press command you will get a zoom-in tool, and option will zoom-out.


Or pinch to zoom. Should work with a trackpad and a Wacom cintiq :slight_smile:

not within Hype :wink:


Zoom is a feature that is sorely slowing my work. Either a shortcut or a slider or trackpad gesture would make it much easier.

Hope it gets implemented in the upcoming version…

Aside from the toolbar popup menu, there are these shortcuts available:

Command-minus to zoom out
Command-equals or command-plus to zoom in
Command-zero to zoom to 100%

Spacebar in the scene editor: pan tool
Spacebar then hold command and click the mouse: zoom in
Spacebar then hold option and click the mouse: zoom out

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@jonathan is there a shortcut list for Hype commands available anywhere?



Thanks for the shortcut list and links.

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