Mirroring actions on different layouts

Onething I noticed was I was spending so much time on clicking to many options.

mostly I make mobile web magazines so I make 2 layouts for one scene.
and 2 layouts have different sizes of image and text size.
I am not bothered changing them.
but most of the 2 layouts have same actions like swipe left to jump to next scene, swipe right to jump to previous scene, drag control timeline, onclick go to a link ect)

so either there should be copy and paste with actions or an option to pair the layouts with same actions.

sorry if I am making you guys to delay for the next update. :frowning:

For items that will be the same across different layouts, I’d recommend putting them within a Symbol. Then you will only need to change them once and the other layout will get the changes.

We’ve considered a mode where elements would be synced across scenes, but haven’t settled on a UI that wouldn’t be overly complex/confusing. A good feature request!