Minimum requirements

I am a PC User but have to use Hype for School so i have to buy a mac.
So my question is what do i Need to run Hype 4?
Best Wisches

You don´t need a special Mac to run Hype 4. A common Macbook/Macbook Pro/Macbook Air will do the job. I myself worked for years with a Macbook Air/2009 - worked like a charme… What´s more important is that you need a big monitor - since you can´t undock palettes and distribute them on other monitors… :wink:

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So its not Cpu or RAM hungry?

Depends on how and what you animate. Hype does HTML5 and adds it’s own abstraction layer to it (animation-engine etc.). Meaning the more effects and animations you slap on stage at once the more CPU power you need, but keep in mind your client/user, viewing it needs the same power…

Using canvas based animations can be much faster for effects but it’s not supported by Hype as Hype is targeted at regular HTML (Div’s etc, CSS etc.) and now only just introduced a minor subset of vector manipulation recently (Hype 4).

So keeping a low baseline with a computer that matches your audience isn’t a bad thing if your on a budget or can get a machine handed down/over by a peer. If you have cash to burn… Hype is not the only software out there and having a machine that can render After Effects or power Affinity Photo or the open source Blender is neat…

For other Programs i have a powerfull pc.
But thx to all of you for the quick an easy help :slight_smile:

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