Mimicking a Pokemon Go experience with Geolocation - Possible?


I’ve been tasked to create an experience that is similar to Pokemon Go for an upcoming tech showcase at work. I don’t want to use augmented reality (because I have little to none coding experience) to pull this off.

I have an idea to use GPS coordinates to trigger an event.

My idea is to have people look in a particular area, have the event triggered because they are in the area, then have the event tell them to move to a different area. They will need to move to 5 different places to collect badges before completing their scavenger hunt.

The only hangup I have about this is getting geolocation to work. I’ve tried using Adobe Captivate to do this but I haven’t found a way to do this for more than one location.

Ideas to get this to work in Hype / Hype Pro? Would rather use Hype over Captivate anyway.



… calculate the distance between coordinates should be helpful:

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