Migration of Photoshop Export to Hype to windows

tested with 2018 and win7 (1.0.1) i had an error message regarding "md5" ...

will test the new version on tuesday ...

p.s. never, never expected to meet extendscripts here :wink:

That is expected as Export to Hype is made for Mac. Meaning I should probably abort on Windows and inform the user about Mac only for now. The MD5 creation depends on the command line command of "md5"… I am not sure though if it's worth the trouble to create a Windows version as Tumult Hype is also Mac only. May I ask why you would want to run it on Windows?

Update: There might be a way to calculate MD5 on Windows. But as said not sure if the window option should be even further developed or if I just block any launches on Windows to begin with. A Window-Version would also introduce a testing environment I don't even own, so I am strongly leaning towards blocking it. I would need a strong incentive to put in the work.

Any language is just the ends to a means. To integrate Hype to different content provider it will probably not be the last unexpected language or API to show up in the forums :nerd_face:

ah, as jsx is platform independent i suspected it to run on windows too. did not have a look for an executed mac-commandline though ... :slight_smile:

a windowsversion would only make sense regarding crossplatform-teamworkflows -> all fine :slight_smile:

Hype is more or less the only tool i use on a mac ...

It is only partial independent. The moment you start with the file system, command line or expected file locations you need to branch things and one could make it work but it is blind flight for me. I’d need a windows computer or a virtualization and a windows license. That is nothing I own. Happy to make it work if your team needs it ... then I would rent a windows computer. Update: I could use my CC license on a virtual desktop if anybody pays the costs for it.

my company does not make much use of hype ... :frowning: cause we're 99% on win

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Having Hype in the Browser/Cloud would be a very neat solution for the cross-platform problem… I suspect it is a proud Apple software with many codebases that really depend on the Apple platform. I guess we won't be seeing that happen anytime soon.

But just to understand the workflow. The designer would create artwork on Windows and already make Hype symbol from it … then send that as a ZIP (because on Windows symbols will only be a "folder") to and animator (like you) for example. Is it that you don't have Photoshop CC on the Mac that you wouldn't want to-do the conversion on the Mac to begin with allowing for adjustments and a feedback loop after opening the exported file. I am just trying to imagine the workflow of a mixed environment and export cycle. Still airing on the side of just disallowing it, but I am open to discussion apart from it being probably being possible I need to understand the rationale behind it to consider it.

I was considering an online web version of this conversion.

in my case yes :slight_smile:

Okay, I will DM you a version that just might work on Windows tomorrow as I am on the road.

please do not take effort just for me :slight_smile: my intention was just to test and report ...

Don’t worry if the one change I have in mind makes it work and you are willing to test it it might benefit people in a similar situation.