Merge Duplicates

Every time i export my project there is tons of duplicates, and while this isn’t big a deal when it comes to load the website, its a problem to replace the contents inside Hype and sure its a problem when it comes to upload the site.

In my experience with Adobe Software, like inDesign, is possible to merge duplicates or just relink them so the software doesn’t believe its a different object, is there a way to do this in Hype?

Thanks in advance.

Hype could use some improvements for resource management, but in general if you are adding the exact same image it should discover it is a duplicate at the time it is added to the resource library. You can individually hit the ‘Replace’ button for individual images, but there’s no way to do a merge.

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Yeah I found that the only way was replacing the image inside the container, one by one. Not the ideal solution of course, but at least I got rid of the duplicates.