Menu with preset avatars

(vic) #1

hello all, I do not speak English, so I’m using a translator for this.

my question is how can I make a menu with preset avatars with images that when the usauario select is saved and then appears elsewhere in the scene

(Mark Hunte) #2

Here is one example.

This uses Javascript to place the selected Avatar’s background image into any element that has the class name avartarHolder (102.7 KB)

(vic) #3

thanks bro


Side note here:

In Mark’s example “av1” & “av3” have the “Start Timeline…” action (circled below) for the “On Mouse Click” event. “av2” is missing it so You will need to add the same “Start Timeline…” action to “av2”.

(Mark Hunte) #5

Thanks @JimScott ,
I had taken it off at some point and forgot to put it back on.
All fixed.