Menu with motion between items

Hi! I have a problem with the animation of my menu. I have turned it into a symbol and created a timeline for each of the four menu items. When I have the mouse over the word (on the hover) the timeline corresponding to that category is activated. The problem is when I click in one of them. The animation of the green rectangle always comes from the left, not from the option where I am at that moment.
If someone could help me, that would be great. I can't solve it.
Thank you very much in advance.
Attached my file, thanks (114.5 KB)

Currently the menu element is a Standard Symbol; this means that on each scene it is recreated as a new element. Thus it doesn't carry any state from other scenes.

The way to fix this is to convert it to a Persistent Symbol. As the name implies, these persist their state across scenes and are the same symbol instance.

To do the conversion:

  1. Enter your "menu" symbol - you can do this by double-clicking on it or select and choose the Symbol > Enter Symbol menu item.
  2. Go to the Symbol Inspector, or hit Command-2. (This replaces the Scene Inspector when entered into a symbol)
  3. In the Type section, click the Persistent radio button
  4. When prompted, hit the Convert button.
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Oh my god! Just that!?
Thank you Jonathan, you are the best! :grinning:


Persistent Symbols were developed with this use case specifically in mind!