Memory Alzheimer Politician

Our Dutch prime minister keep forgetting things. Especially his great faults. It was getting embarrassing and really frustrating for me while he's still on the job. He even got re-elected after he resigned for yet another great scandal.
I had to do something so I've used hype to make a fun memory game for our prime minister Mark Rutte. It was working perfectly, but when the user finds the right combination, it shuffles the cards, so you will never get the right answer. Just like our prime-minister who keeps forgetting.
It was done in just a few hours in the evening. Put it online and posted it on twitter and Facebook. The next day it exploded on social media and we've hit the one million users in just a few hours!



Wow nice! At least I have the excuse of not knowing Dutch for why I do poorly :wink:.

Erg mooi! +1