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Does anyone know how to make a membership sign-up for a password protected portion of a Tumult based site? I would like to know how to incorporate/create both the sign-up portion and password ability. Any advise would be helpful! - Thanks!

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There is a thread about passwords at…

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If you are doing a sign up, then you would need to store the information of the sign up somewhere. Have you a database in mind to do this, or just email you the information with a generic password ?

If you are doing the latter, I would suggest doing the following:

Take some of the information from the sign up form, such as name, last name then first name and then using jQuery and md5 library encrypt it ( (72.2 KB) (2.8 KB) )

Using this method the code will never show the password in its true form, but you will know the formula on how to find it. All the browser will see is the encrypted part.

If you are looking at a membership area then I can only suggest you go down the database route, this involves some PHP, and is much more secure, plus you have the server do a lot of the grunt work, rather than the browser as PHP is server side code, and Javascript is browser side coding.

If you choose the database root, but have no idea on PHP, you could use REST and to hold the information. If you search this forum for you will see a working example of this I did before.


Hello Mr. Addy,

Yes, I would like to do a sign up (collecting names, e-mail, and state they reside in), then I would like to have each person get a unique password. Plus capabilities for password retrieval, should they forget
what it was.

I’m a complete nube to this whole password/membership thing. I tried Googling ‘REST’ in a variety of ways and was not sure what I was looking for to educate myself. Could you be a little bit more specific? Also, I visited and am not sure I made out what it is they are offering. Would I need to create sign up & password apps with Parse, from scratch? Then put them in Hype?

Then, once I start collecting e-mails, would I need to manually transfer them over to an application like Mail Chimp, for sending them updates from me via e-zines?

Am I in over my head here? I don’t mind doing extra research to learn. Just please go slow for now, as I need to be pointed in a very explicit direction.


Thanks!! :smile:

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Okay, best place to start is here, if you are looking down the RESTful path

But before that, what is important to note is this! Based on what you think the website hit rate might be (how many people visit your site) will depend on what is cost effective. Parse is free to use, but it has limits. Once you pass those limits, it starts to cost. If you have hosting already, and cPanel within you’re hosting package, then you can use PHP and the cost is covered by hosting.

This is really the first stage of development. Here is the pricing for Parse

Once you have this decided, then I can help move to the next stage, if required :smile: