Maximum call stack size exceeded crashing browser

I’ve got a problem on one of my pages that crashes the browser tab. I’ve isolated the problem down to this document, but the problem can be fixed with other strange ways:

  1. Turning off a JS call that checks a variable to see what scene to start on.
  2. Turning off a counter variable (652.3 KB)

The document you shared does not have any JS plus works fine when previewed in browser??

BTW that error refers to the number of arguments the browser receives from an object/array call. i.e the number of arguments in the object/array call. There must be a problem in your code logic. If you share the code you are using then we could see what’s up? You are perhaps calling functions with arguments before those arguments (read variables) are in the scope.

That hype document resets the scene whenever you go over a scene, and when I turn that off it fixes the problem.
There is another document on the page which I talked about, being a counter for the scene. If I turn off the name of the scene it doesn’t crash, heres the code -

if (pagecount == 0) {
    pagecount = 1;

And in the html doc the script has:

pagecount = 0;
dash_scene = “Scene Name”

Can you send a document that reproduces this issue? The one you sent may not have bee the right one as it doesn’t have JS nor multiple scenes.

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