Masking working weird

I have a picture which I group with a rectangle and use the group bounding box to crop the image at the beginning of a timeline. When the timeline reaches the one second mark, the bouding box is supposed to widen so that the image appears to cover a wider area. At the same time the picture moves inside the mask because the image needs to be recentered.

Can’t seem to make it work consistently. Wondering if this technique is even reliable.

Here’s the effect I want to create – Hover over any button to see what I mean. it was done with Edge Animate by Adobe, which has been discontinued so I can’t even open the creator doc. I’m hoping Hype can do this but maybe I should try something simpler.

Would You post your Hype project to show us your set-up so far?

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the goal is to have a timline for the mask and a timeline for the image because the elements within a group move when masked from lefthand as you mentioned …

you can search the forum on this masking-topic. there’ll be a couple of hits

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I was hoping to get a look at your set-up up before I closed down for the night.

In lieu of that… here is a demo of what I believe You are trying to accomplish: (586.2 KB)

The URL example You provided had a few more things going on… but as I understood your request:
Widen the crop with the image in effect remaining still - but the image actually needs to move to the right to maintain the illusion of being stationary (countering the masked group moving to the left).

Thanks for your reply. I’ve decided not to play with masks this early in my Hype career, but it’s nice to know there is so much help available on this forum.

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