Masking question

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I’m able to create a clipping mask using group, but I see this only works off of eclipses and rectangles. I tried importing a shape created from an image and it does not work. Is it possible to do the following:

Picture a rectangle on the stage, everything outside of the rectangle is masked so you would see only what is under the triangle, follow?



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Hype does not support advanced clipping options. However you can do it with SVG ( vector) or PNG elements.
in both cases you don’t clip the image but you add another object over the picture/element.
The SVG will be a flat color

Here and example with SVG ( scroll the page)

Is there any SVG Mask resource?


Below are some more links to add to what @michelangelo posted above - discussing SVG & CSS clipping. An SVG path can also be animated (see Dirk’s link below)… I have not worked with any of these in Hype.

Sara Soueidan’s site here & Dirk Schulze here.

And if You are willing to descend into the stygian depths of Kluge You can somewhat easily create a triangle and other basic shapes in Hype. (I think that is what You wanted it really was not clear in your post You were talking rectangles and suddenly a triangle is mentioned.)

Hype Project: (93.9 KB)

Trying to figure out a Quick way to do masking?
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oooooopps, @JimScott you’re right!

@ralphiedee2016 for a simple triangle 2 groups are fine. moreover with this trick you can place the triangle over an image and not only with a flat color.