Masking Elements by using Content Overflow & Groups Help!

I’m trying to create a clipping mask over an image. Ive been following these instructions Masking Elements by using Content Overflow & Groups
but it only works horizontally.

When i try to make the ‘water’ reveal from bottom to top the position of the water moves with it. How do keep the water in the same position?

Please post you project…

water (20.0 KB)

I would do it like this…

water (16.8 KB)


Rounded Hype objects create square-cornered masks.
The easiest method is to create the beaker and outer white mask as a PNG with a transparent center, then center it on the liquid layer, select both and group them, then set the overflow to hidden. The white mask would clearly only work on a white background.
Hype objects are not true vector objects in the same way as they are in Illustrator, After Effects, etc.

A while back I created a “machine” that filled paint cans, with the can having a transparent oval at the top and an oval-shaped colored object rising behind this to look as though the can were filling. Behind this was an object with a fill to represent the interior of the can.