Masking and transparency


This is my first post on the forum (other than the 'introduce yourself' one) and I'm a complete beginner with Hype.

I was wondering how I can make the attached animation ( a basic example) with a transparent background. At the moment, I'm masking the circle in its start position with a rectangle that shares the same colour as the background (I've left the slight border for clarification). I want, however, to be able to overlay the animation on a photo (in Blocs website designer). If I export the animation as 'transparent background', the rectangular mask is still visible.

Is there a way to create the animation with complete transparency (just the text and the 'sun' rising from behind an imaginary horizon?



You mean something like this?

  • Place an ellipse onto the stage
  • Group the ellipse
  • Set the overflow of the group to 'hidden' in the properties panel
  • Now you can drag the ellipse inside the group out of sight
  • Now you can animate the 'sun' (18.2 KB)



Exactly like that. Vielen Dank.

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Just tried it. Works a treat. Smiling from ear to ear. Thanks again, Ktewes.


You're welcome! :+1: :blush:

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