Mark correct answers

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #1

Hi hypeteam,
the possibilty of marking questions in the forum as correct answered (as in adobe forums) would make it easier to find solutions when searching for a special topic.

Nice day :smile:


That’s a great idea. As the traffic to the forums increases I’m definitely going to think about the best way to organize answers. For now, I can change the title of posts so that it contains the word “Solved: How to create a parallax…”. There are some plugins that do what you recommend which might be best in the long run. Thanks!

(strmiska) #3

this would be helpful.

(jakob) #4

I second (third?) Hans’ suggestion. I would like to add that I can see how Stackexchange-like functionality would help me solve issues.

Furthermore, if there were a way to clean up threads (option for the OP to hide irrelevant parts of the thread? hide answers to subanswers by defailt?) where offtopic exchanges make it difficult to follow the relevant parts of the conversation, that would be awesome.

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I can now set a color on answers to feature either the correct answers or good thread summaries. (I’ve done this on @jakob’s post above)

I’m also adding ‘tags’ to certain posts like ‘iOS’ and ‘Knowledgebase’ to better arrange the growing amount of posts here. For now, only Team Tumult can tag content but I’d like to open it up to more people soon so that a tag can be selected when writing a post.

I’m doing my best to hide random replies and move replies to other threads where they are more applicable. If you see something out of place please hit the ‘flag’ button and tell me what I can do to improve the discussion. For example if @strmiska is acting crazy (again) you can tell me about it :wink:

(strmiska) #6

thanx - everyone is teasing me from now on? :tired_face:


Looks like there’s an official plugin for this:

Going to see if we can get it enabled here.


This plugin is coming with the next major update to the forum software.