Map with specific hover text

Hi, a newb here.

I am creating a map that will display different content upon hover.

I have multiple timelines set up for the text to display and I have actions set up depending on which location they hover/click to display a specific timeline. The issue I am having is all the text shows up upon hover.

I'm not sure what I am missing.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

SNAC_Who We (135.8 KB)

If you hide and nil opacity of everything on the main timeline.
Then on each map segment change them to show.
And use the hover as you already are then it will work as far as i can tell.

You seemed to have had the animations all mixed in the timelines.

Here is what I mean.
Also Not sure if you wanted the sarasota at the start to show but have done that with an action on the main timeline.
And an extra mouse over on the other map sections to go to 00:000 on the sarasota to reset it.

SNAC_Who We (94.2 KB)


You are AWESOME! Thank you SO much for the help. I did not want Sarasota to show but I will follow your instructions and give it a try. I can not THANK YOU enough!!


You can just take the action off that makes it show at the start then and to keep things clean also remove the extra mouse over on the other map sections that try and hide it.