Map looks blurry using scaleWrapper

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I´m using the scaleWrapper of @h_classen and it´s doing a great job in my projects! (By the way: thanks a lot for that, Hans-Gerd! :slight_smile: ) My problem now: I´m trying to use a HTML widget in combination with the wrapper. Without calling the wrapper everything looks fine, but if I call it, the map looks blurry. Just remove the function call ‘onLoad’ and you´ll see the difference. Any idea?

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few existing workarounds:

… but in the end i wouldn’t do a scale on the datawrapper-iframe. simply change width, height and position to adjust the iframe. the datawrapper-content should be responsive … i guess

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In Safari you can uncheck “Use WebKit graphics acceleration” in the Document Inspector. This doesn’t help Chrome for some reason, though.