Many Hype Extensions now additionally on GitHub

This is a little update about the extension project. So it started with @MarkHunte and myself discussing ways to extend Hype. Now some years later I am moving all my old school repositories to GitHub. Nothing will change in the extension thread and the files on my server. They only will additionally automatically be committed to GitHub.

Check out the repositories here (four are online, more to come):

PS: My username at GitHub is spreading the message our world needs :wink:


Great! Thanks for doing all that. Any chance a small demo could be added to each extension repo?

Edit: Sorry, just realised that the only one without a demo is the HypeGlobalBehavior!

Even that one has a demo… or do you mean a hype document to download?

Sorry yeah what you have is fine, my bad! :wink:

Maybe a Hype document could be helpful?

Started updating the artwork of the extensions now featured on GitHub…

These extensions now have new cover art, 3 artworks done

December 5th, 2019: Added following new repositories, 5 artworks done

December 10th, 2019: Added 1 artwork

December 10th, 2019: Added following new repositories, Added 2 artworks

December 11th, 2019: Added following new repositories, Added 1 artwork