Manual Identificator (ID) for scene

(Artem Fedorov) #1

Please add a field with setting of ID of scene. Because now I need to use index of scenes for it.

var sceneObj = document.querySelectorAll('.HYPE_scene')[2];

And it isn’t comfortable because order of scenes can be changed

PS Maybe is there a way to get id, which hype automatically generate for scenes?

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

manipulating the sceneelement is always kind of a hack. so it’s not supported within the UI. within @MaxZieb’s extensionproject he’s offered a bunch of nice methods to extend hypes API. this includes a save method to get the current sceneelement. you may have a closer look :slight_smile:

btw onsceneload the element-argument is always the sceneelement …

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Thanks for the request!