Manual / Delayed Refresh option

Not sure this is a bug or UX thing…

I set the Refresh to “Manually”. I know there’s a Reload Page menu item, but it seems like most others editors I’ve used in the last 5 years would reload the page on Save. Should “on Save” be an option or the expected behavior?

Also on the Refresh tool - when set as “Delayed”, I have no real idea what the slider is showing me. Is this in seconds, ms? moon phases - lol :last_quarter_moon:

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That’s an interesting thought. I wouldn’t do it as a replacement for “Manually” since I think there are times when code should not be run without explicit intent, but On Save would be another interesting option.

Haha :slight_smile: - seconds. I’ll see what I can do to make that more clear.


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Following up on this… when editing a CSS or JS file, there’s no way to alter the refresh function. Seems like there should be.

You cannot refresh on CSS/JavaScript as these do not have specific renderings.

I’d of course like to do something for JavaScript to allow its execution and show the result. There’s future possibilities with CSS in showing styling results too. Not to mention having the web view just point to specific HTML while working with those files.

Yup - but the CSS that’s linked into the HTML is refreshing the HTML preview. It was just slowing things down while I carried out a lot of changes. I guess going back and disabling on the HTML would work.

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Correct - the setting on the HTML page is what is used. But I’ll take a note that perhaps there should be an option in one of the two places about whether it should immediately refresh or not. The older HyperEdit had a specific “linked file” mode that you’d put the CSS in which is what would have it trigger refreshes. (That worked by saving on every keystroke! :smiley:)