Malfunction with Browsers Mouse over/Timeline Actions

Without going too much into detail, I noticed that all of the browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) stopped supporting timeline features such as "mouse over" action to continue timeline a new timeline (essentially on hover) when previewing Hype project. I couldn't understand why it was happening so I restarted/quit all browsers and hype which didn't help and btw, it also effected projects html files that were hosted.

Finally, I restarted my Mac and everything started working accordingly. Has anyone experienced this?

Nope, not here..

Did you notice if there were mouse over issues with other parts of applications, like hovering over tabs not getting new colors, etc? (Or hover overs in other web pages not working correctly?)

It sounds like the window server was not sending mouse events to various apps.

Not really, but I noticed Hype was a bit sluggish so I kept restarting it, that didn't help.

Windows server? no clue.

Its one of the main background services/process on a Mac that manages the user interface and its interactions.

Hmm... so it can break at any given moment?

It is not unheard of for it to have small brain farts but it is also not that often.

If indeed it was that which is really only a guess in your case.

I should say this is just a guess, since it seemed that disparate apps were behaving in the same way, indicating an error in a system common to all. It is impossible to say what the actual problem was, especially now that it has gone away!

Any software can break at any moment though, not even counting bugs :slight_smile:.