Making One Presentation That Starts and Stops Videos By Clicking Thumbnails

I am really amazed, using a Mac for 30 years, now, that there is no simple, inexpensive, non-coding solution that allows a presenter to author a user experience that provides users with the means to interactively browse and navigate a collection of instructional videos.

Specifically, I would like to have a bank of thumbnails which visually describe the content of each video contained on a single “page”. Clicking the thumbnail starts or stops the video in question - which fades in from the background color of the page while growing in size - then fading out and shrinking at the end of the video - or upon a second user click on that thumbnail.

I’m sure someone can do this with code - but I do not want to code, ever.

Too bad software has remained primitive, expensive and reserved for those who code.

Greg Smith

Hi Greg!

You could do just about everything You mentioned only using Hype’s interface.

One strategy might be to use large images as stand-in representations of the videos (for the shrink~grow~fade actions) and then swap in the actual video once the image reached full size~opacity. The videos would have to be imbedded into Hype… an iFrame approach would involve coding. All of this is a concept, there might be other aspects of your set-up that won’t fly with a non-coding approach.

BTW: If You were looking to reduce the number of people interested in helping You reach your goal I think the tone of your post succeeded admirably.


Agree with Jim, almost no coding needed to do something like that. Nothing complicated at least.
Best wishes!

BTW: searching here into the forum, there are a lot of post about video gallery

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