Making buttons feel more responsive in mobile view

I made this animation, and I’m mostly satisfied with it. But, on the mobile view, the buttons don’t give a good feedback that they have been pressed, leading someone to possibly think they did not press it since the response to go to the new page is not instant. What would make this better? I was wondering about adding a tiny sound to the button action before the go to URL action. What do you guys think?

If you are talking about the story buttons they look fine.
I think most mobiles give you a progress bar in the address field which I atleast always look to to see if something is happening. The absence of that movement normally alerts me…

I would generally advise against audio unless you are very certain about your audience; some folks may not have a context where they can either hear the audio or contexts where the audio is inappropriate and disturbing to others.

The best fix would be to have quicker loading times on the next page :slight_smile:.

Other than that you could have a loading indicator or animation appear.

You’re right. Audio can definitely be a problem. A loading indicator is a good idea, and I should work on optimizing my page loading better. :wink: