Making a keyframe animation smooth transition from multiples buttons

Just hoping someone might help me the achieve this.
In the attached Hype 4 file (, I created two scenes.
The first one (zoom_test1) animates the content along a single timeline (targets) from a single plus (+) button. Everything is smooth between clicks.
I would like, however, to get a similar transition, along the same timeline (targets) from the multiple buttons setup shown in the second scene (zoom_test2). In this case, the animations are triggered by three different buttons (Zoom 1, Zoom 2, Zoom 3) pointing to a given time along the timeline. This animation works fine as well, but much less dynamic (Go to Time in Timeline).
I would like to get a smooth animation triggered from multiple buttons.
I included the individual target timelines (target1, target2, target3), if needed, to ease the processing.

Many thanks in advance. (652.1 KB)

It looks like you were on the right path with the targets1, targets2, and targets3 timelines, that were marked as relative. I assume at one point the zoom buttons were setup to do a Start Timeline… for those buttons.

The problem I’m guessing you ran into is that the old states are still there with this setup when you click the zoom buttons. You can fix this by resetting the states by adding animations that go back to the initial condition. Typically this is done by just adding a start and end keyframe for the properties of those elements.

Hello Jonathan,

Thanks a lot for the incredible support.


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