Making a ferris wheel with Hype Pro

I’m looking at making a digital poster for a conference using a model that would essentially mimic a ferris wheel.
e.g. Topic image in centre with 6x info boxes slowly rotating around it that need to be correctly orientated so they can be read then clicked if required. (i.e. info boxes = ferris wheel seats)

Can I do this with the Pro version?

i.e. Can you pin the top of the box to a point on a circle (that is ‘slowly’ rotating) then have gravity keep the box ‘upright’?

guess yes (10.6 KB)

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Thanks for the quick response and solution :wink:
Have a nice weekend!

Q: How did you get the text box to link to the circle?
(I see you’ve used the self rotate timeline.)

Not right sure what you mean.
The Group has got a tranformation origin outside. res: it’ll rotate along this point.
the textbox has got a default transformation origin of 50 / 50. res: it’ll rotate from its middlepoint

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Thanks, I’ll check that out :wink: